Local Sounds

Casey & Minna

So there I was, in the grocery store, when I heard the most wonderful live music… I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from! And before I knew it, a sweet couple was slowly walking past me while playing soothing folk tunes. They gave me the most friendly smile I’d seen in the grocery store that day, and suddenly I didn’t feel so stressed about finishing up my shopping trip. I knew right then I had to find out who they were and insist that they come to Indie!

Indie Trunk Show just wouldn’t be as fun without Casey & Minna stopping by! This guitar and fiddle duo

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Oklahoma City’s Best Meetup Spots!

Waffle Champion

Lunch dates, coffee dates, meetings, and such… It’s hard to find a good, quiet place to talk business and also get a super tasty, locally made meal! But the OKC has plenty of spots just perfect for this kind of thing. (#lovethiscity)

The Indie Trunk Show boss-lady-duo just finished up our goal setting meeting at Waffle Champion today, and it was

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