Indie Vendor Spotlight: Merry Mistletoe

Brand new to the Indie Trunk Show lineup this holiday season is the sister-in-law duo, Merry Mistletoe!

Indie Trunk Show

Rachel and Shana Shropshire are Oklahoma natives who have a love for all things crafty. In 2015, these sisters-in-law opened their Etsy shop “Merry Mistletoe.” Their shop mainly features handmade gifts and décor for the holiday season.

The most popular items in their shop are the reusable pocket hand warmers and fabric envelopes, which are perfect for giving gift cards in.

Indie Trunk Show Indie Trunk Show

Stop by their booth at Indie Trunk Show on December 10th, at the OKC fairgrounds!

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Indie Vendor Spotlight: OKcollective

It’s very likely you’ve seen OKcollective around the metro area at markets, festivals, and craft shows. They are one of the busiest local businesses around! If you’ve yet to meet them, let me introduce you to married couple, Jessi and Kelli Newsome! These ladies are the proud owners and makers behind OKcollective.

Indie Trunk Show

We asked Kelli, what do you make and why?

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Shop Local this Christmas!

Indie Trunk Show

What if you committed to shopping locally this holiday season? What if you bought as many gifts as possible from only locally owned, independent shops?

More of your dollar would stay in Oklahoma! You would be supporting the art and work of local Oklahomans who in turn spend their profits at local businesses.

At Indie Trunk Show you can shop from over 220 locally owned businesses. Shop local this season!

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Local Space: Covet House!

We recently hosted a workshop at Covet House, an interior design studio in Midtown OKC. The owners have decided to open this amazing space up as an event venue on nights and weekends! And trust me, this is the BEST news.

Since Covet House specializes in interior design services, every inch of this house is swoon-worthy.

Our workshop attendees gathered in this sun-filled room, stocked with beautiful designer chairs, a large acrylic desk, and brightly colored decor.

Indie Trunk Show

Natalie Spencer, our speaker, felt super comfortable leading us through her workshop in this living room style setting. Plus, it allowed for excellent Q&A afterward.

Covet-house-indie-trunk-show-photography-6 Covet-house-indie-trunk-show-photography-5

Around every corner at Covet House is something beautiful!


And look at these stairs. They are just asking for a bridal shoot.

Indie Trunk Show

Can’t you just picture a cocktail party here??



Covet House is the perfect venue for workshops, meetings, cocktail parties, bridal shoots… you name it. For more info on how to book the venue, contact Tara.

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((Photos by the amazing!))



Vendor Highlight: Shabby Chick Cleaners

Safe, all-natural cleaners that actually work AND they are locally made? I didn’t really believe it so much. The only natural cleaning supplies I had tried were not that great and smelled like vinegar. Not a fan.

But Shabby Chick Cleaners completely changed my mind. She has created some seriously effective household products that smell divine! This local entrepreneur down in Duncan, OK is on to something. Laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner, glass/appliance cleaner, bug spray, linen & room spray… She’s come up with all-natural solutions for all around the house!

Indie Trunk ShowBug spray! These smell SO good. And every time I’ve used them, I’ve been bite-free. Plus, I don’t feel like I have to rush to the shower to get the chemicals off of me when I come inside! She’s even created “Diego”, a bug spray for pets!

The all purpose cleaner is very effective, and smells lemony-fresh! And the glass cleaner! Works like a charm. (Isn’t the packaging cute as can be, too?)

I’m also in love with Shabby’s laundry soap. One package does 70 loads! Plus, it’s available in 3 scents.Laundry Soap PhotoCheck out all of Shabby Chick’s products at Indie Trunk Show Tulsa, August 27th!