Indie Vendor Spotlight: Crystal Prairie

We are excited to have Crystal Prairie at Indie Trunk Show on December 9th! We talked to the owner to get the scoop!

How did Crystal Prairie get started? 

What set my husband and me out to start our USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo ranch was our interest in eating healthier and eating what we love to eat, red meat.  We had become dissatisfied with grocery store beef because we felt we were mainly paying for high calorie, greasy fat and lackluster flavor.  Grass fed beef is not available in our local grocery store and we knew our neighbors who raised beef fed some type of grain at some point to their herds so we looked onward for another option. We enjoy bison meat and like that it is lower in calories than beef, but we could only find ground bison locally rather than all the steaks and roasts we love.  After extensively researching nation-wide, regionally, and local Oklahoma agriculture including visiting with many agricultural foundations, extension offices, and various breeding ranches to discuss time, safety, and breeds that could offer us a juicy, flavorful and highly nutritious red meat, we discovered and fell in love with Beefalo.

What is unique about your product? 

We are the only Oklahoma farm to offer USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo meat.  We raise our Beefalo 100% grass fed with no grain, grain by-product, or artificial protein in their feed ever.  Beefalo meat is lower in calories, cholesterol, and fat than bison or beef and offers every steak and roast cut available plus ground.  Our Beefalo are raised on Oklahoma native grass prairie their entire lives, which gives our meat a unique Oklahoma flavor.  Most farms around the country including Oklahoma are ripping out Oklahoma native grass and planting Bermuda, rye, or other non-native grass in order to raise cattle faster.  This produces a uniform, cheaper beef that people have come to expect in the grocery store that has the same flavor.  Our Beefalo meat captures the best of all 3 worlds; superior nutritional quality, wide variety of cuts including steaks, roasts, ribs, and ground, and 100% Grass Fed on Oklahoma native grass pasture.

What do you love most about having your own business?

We enjoy being stewards of our humanely-raised Beefalo and our land.

Why setup at Indie Trunk Show?

Indie Trunk Show drew us to them because they seem to strongly support local Oklahoma small business.

Why is shopping local important to you?

Shopping local gives people the opportunity to vote with their dollar.  By choosing to buy locally, people are voting for food choice and product choice.  Local producers, stores, and events produce quality unique items that can add value to individuals, their families, and our community.

See Crystal Prairie this Saturday at Indie Trunk Show!

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